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Super Bowl Ads 2018: What to Expect… or not

Football fans and those who may only be at the Super Bowl party for the snacks can agree on one thing: the commercials are a highlight of the game.



Super Bowl advertisements have become a favorite aspect of the NFL’s biggest game, mainly since the broadcast is often the most-watched television event of the year. In fact, many tune into the game just to see the commercials and don’t care much about the actual football being played.

According to AdAge, ad spending for the Super Bowl has been $5.4 billion over 52 years.

This year previews of the Super Bowl 2018 commercials are available online. They range from Steven Tyler driving a Kia Stinger to more interesting commercials like David Schwimmer dressed as a puppet for Skittles.

Bud Light is targeting consumers who might be a little nostalgic for their college days:

There’s also an Amazon ad in which Jeff Bezos himself makes an appearance trying to solve a unique problem:

And it seems from previews that Budweiser and Hyundai are going after socially responsible consumers.

Football fans and those who may only be at the Super Bowl party for the snacks can agree on one thing: the commercials are a highlight of the game.

One of the most iconic ads in Super Bowl history was Apple’s famous “1984” ad touting its Macintosh personal computer. We wonder if anything from this year will end up being as groundbreaking.

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Savannah is a third year Journalism major with a French minor at Colorado State University. She works as a Communications Intern for the CSU Alumni Association, and hopes to one day work in a French speaking country.

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