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Ten Female Rappers to Make Your Hot Girl Summer

Meg Thee Stallion leads the charge of female empowerment.

The “Hot Girl Summer” was created by Meg Thee Stallion, highlighting someone who knows their worth, isn’t afraid to speak up about what they want from men and challenges accepted gender roles.

Here are ten female rappers who will help 2019 a Hot Girl Summer.

Meg Thee Stallion

Obviously, this list wouldn’t exist without none other than Megan Thee Stallion. Her newest single “Big Ole Freak” speaks about being in control of what she wants and the things she does in the bedroom. She definitely is the Hot Girl of all Hot Girls.


Lizzo came into 2019 strong with “Truth Hurts,” which discusses what she knows about men who cheat or sneak around — but also that she wants the best for herself. She really challenges gender roles and norms with this song and it will definitely be on repeat for the rest of the summer.


“My Type” is definitely a song for a Hot Girl Summer. Saweetie challenges the norms and talks about her “type” in a man and how she makes money and doesn’t need help from anyone to get where — or what — she wants.

City Girls

“Act Up” is all about the expression of “watch yourself,” meaning “mind your business” and don’t be “all talk, no show” because the City Girls will call you out!

Doja Cat

Doja Cat and Rico Nasty use pop culture references to other artists and common phrases to express their growth and popularity.

Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty is a female rapper who always enjoys testing the norms and challenging the female role in rap and the world. On “Roof” she talks about how people doubt her, but she always raises the bar for herself and she’s going straight to the top. Confidence!

Kash Doll

“Ice Me Out” is about wanting money, cars, diamonds, and being able to request them from your man, specifically a man who can provide.

Cardi B

No summer would be lit without some Cardi B. All of her songs stress how important it is to work hard for the things you want in life. “Press” is about people always being in her business, but that won’t stop her hustle.

Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia’s song “Brujas” came out in late 2016 but is getting a lot of views in 2019 because of her honesty and truth. She really gives a voice to women of color and uses her culture as inspiration.


CupcakKe is a new coming artist who isn’t afraid to speak about the taboos of sex and what she likes. Her remix of Lil’ Nas X “Old Town Road” has gotten her a lot of popularity this year.

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