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The Economist Group and examPAL enhance GMAT Tutor, GRE Tutor test prep offerings

To help students with their academic success journies, The Economist Group has announced new and improved features to its GMAT and GRE test-prep products, according to a recent press release.

The new and improved GMAT and GRE test prep products, reimagined in collaboration with pioneering online education provider examPAL, will offer students advanced ways to prepare for admission tests through the online tutor software, tutoring service, and associated technical and customer support.

The Precise, Alternative, Logical (“PAL”) methodology teaches students how to solve any question in one of three ways, and the PALgorithm training system uses “PAL” to improve students’ cognitive flexibility. This innovative approach allows the system to predict the best way for the individual user to solve each question as opposed to “one-size-fits-all” solutions provided by a book or a tutor.

“The current climate accelerated the shift to online tests and online preparation, which encouraged us to enhance even further the capabilities of our educational products to meet the ever-changing demands of our students,” said The Economist Group Director Product Portfolio Siriliya Nawalkar. ”This is why, we are pleased to be partnering with examPAL to build upon the success of our educational products and take the combined offer to the next level in the test prep market.”

Over the last two decades, The Economist Group’s educational products, including The Economist GMAT Tutor and The Economist GRE Tutor have played a key role in supporting students globally. The collaboration with examPAL reaffirms the Group’s renewed focus in the education sector and its unique position as one of the market leaders for GMAT and GRE test prep.

“We are very excited to be working with a partner with the brand recognition and global reach of The Economist, who have been helping students prepare for their masters and PhD degrees for many years,” said Oren Jackman, CEO and co-founder of examPAL. “We wanted to work with a brand who had a true affinity for both business and academia and The Economist, with its trusted voice and opinion, is the perfect fit. We look forward to combining examPAL’s and The Economist’s knowledge and expertise to provide market-leading, interactive, entertaining—and personalized—experiences that you would expect from online education companies in 2020.”

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