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These are the 15 Best Universities in the World to Study Math

Nine of the 15 are located in the US



If you are a journalism major, you can pretty much stop reading right now.

ShanghaiRanking recently completed a study of over 1600 universities across 83 countries to come up with its Global Ranking of Mathematics 2018 . In effect, the ranking finds the best universities in the world to study math.

The methodology involves surveying professors and uses academic journals as one of the main criteria. So take that for what it’s worth, but it’s still fun to look at the list. The school’s total Shanghai Ranking score is listed.

15. Stony Brook University  — 229.5

14. University of Wisconsin–Madison — 230.6

13. The University of Texas at Austin — 232.6

12. Harvard University — 237

11. University of Warwick, United Kingdom — 243.2

10. University of California, Berkeley  — 243.9

9. Paris-Sorbonne University, France — 254.4

8. UCLA — 264

7. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom — 266.7

6. MIT — 274.4

5. New York University  — 276.4

4. Oxford University, United Kingdom — 278.4

3. Stanford University — 283.7

2. University of Paris-Sud, France — 291.1

1. Princeton University — 349.5

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