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These Universities Accept the Most International Students

See which colleges top the USNews list for international students.

Brandon Walker



Some US schools accept more international students than others. While colleges are making an effort to bring diversity to universities, it is easier for international students to get into some of these schools, USNews reported.

According to data from USNews, of the ranked 205 universities that shared data, the average acceptance rate for international students was 48 percent for fall 2016. It is important to note, however, that at other schools the percentage is much higher – with some even climbing close to 100 percent, reportedly.

Check out below the 13 USNews ranked universities with the highest acceptances rate for international undergrad students. The numbers highlight the undergraduate international applications received and accepted for fall 2016. These schools should be at the top of the list for the prospective students.

Illinois State University

  • International applicants: 75
  • International applicants accepted: 67
  • International student acceptance rate: 89%

Texas A&M – Corpus Christi

  • International applicants: 46
  • International applicants accepted: 41
  • International student acceptance rate: 89%


University of Maine

  • International applicants: 295
  • International applicants accepted: 263
  • International student acceptance rate: 89%


Wichita State University

  • International applicants: 700
  • International applicants accepted: 624
  • International student acceptance rate: 89%


University of Cincinnati

  • International applicants: 1839
  • International applicants accepted: 1736
  • International student acceptance rate: 94%


Colorado State University

  • International applicants: 729
  • International applicants accepted: 701
  • International student acceptance rate: 96%


University of Kansas

  • International applicants: 455
  • International applicants accepted: 439
  • International student acceptance rate: 96%


Texas Women’s University

  • International applicants: 75
  • International applicants accepted: 73
  • International student acceptance rate: 97%


Wayne State University

  • International applicants: 175
  • International applicants accepted: 165
  • International student acceptance rate: 97%


University of Memphis

  • International applicants: 237
  • International applicants accepted: 233
  • International student acceptance rate: 98%


University of Nevada – Las Vegas

  • International applicants: 204
  • International applicants accepted: 201
  • International student acceptance rate: 99%


Binghamton University – SUNY

  • International applicants: 1561
  • International applicants accepted: 1561
  • International student acceptance rate: 100%


University of Hartford

  • International applicants: 62
  • International applicants accepted: 62
  • International student acceptance rate: 100%


To recap, Binghamton University and the University of Hartford lead the way for this list’s highest acceptance rate for international students. Both schools accepted all of their international applicants for fall 2016, as these schools try to make the most out of an inclusive education.

Make sure to check out USNews national university rankings.

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Brandon Walker is a junior finance major at Temple University. He is a committed writer and jazz pianist. Brandon has written for The Temple News and is interested in a career in business and communications. He can be reached at

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