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This Care Package Is Designed Specifically for College Students

A great gift idea for the new student in your life.

Lindsay Wigo



It’s mid-September, and for most freshmen, that means you are finally getting the hang of this “college thing.” You are starting to get your first big assignments, projects and figuring out a study schedule that works for you. This also may be the time where you start to miss home. But don’t worry— Freshman Fun Box is here to help keep that college excitement alive.

Freshman Fun Box is a care package service like none other. Ranging from food to toiletries, Freshman Fun Box sends you a variety of necessary items in a fun, personalized box. This above and beyond care package service is a little pick-me-up you’ll receive once a month. The best part? You don’t have to be a freshman to enjoy these boxes.

Customers can choose how often they’d like to receive a box— just one month, monthly, the entire year (including summer), or just the summer months. Packages usually ship around the 10th of each month. A few weeks ago, I received a Freshman Fun Box, and as a junior in college, I was still excited.

I opened up the box to find a list detailing what was inside the September box: a coffee mug (with a very cute quote on it), a Freshman Fun Box t-shirt, a double ended stylus/pen, a school planner, a brownie mix box, two stove recipes, a laundry bag, Tide Pods and even directions on how to do laundry. What an assortment, right? I was excited to see such a variety of great items in a care package. It’s incredible that these items vary from month to month, so you never know what you’ll receive.

The cost of each box is $59.99. You can choose how many boxes you wish to receive and when; the website makes it super convenient, and you even get to choose which color box you’d like!

My overall thoughts on Freshman Fun Box? Give it a try!

This product is definitely geared toward freshmen, but I recommend any student to get involved with this company and see what you find. The concept that all are these items are meant for college students is definitely a unique one. Parents: A Freshman Fun Box is a great gift idea. It takes the work out of choosing what to put in a care package for your son or daughter!

Who wouldn’t want to receive new things every month in a care package? Learn more at

Editor’s Note: This product was gifted, but all opinions are the writer’s own.

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