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Thursday Scoop: Baby Sussex

🎉Plus, happy Thursday!

College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Baby Sussex
The royal couple has announced the name of their newborn. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

The big story…

Baby Sussex Gets a Name

Meghan and Harry announced the name of the newest member of the royal family: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Again breaking royal tradition the couple chose a name they loved, “Archie Harrison,” instead of a name already in the royal family. Baby Archie does not have a clear title as of yet, but is eligible to take the title of “Earl of Dumbarton.” 

In national news…

Kendrick Castillo Died Protecting Fellow Classmates from Denver School Shooter

Kendrick Castillo leapt at a gunman in an effort to protect his classmates when a fellow student pulled out a gun during their class. CNN reports, “Kendrick died when he lunged at the shooter, giving other students at STEM School Highlands Ranch enough time to hide, his family and a classmate said.” The 18-year-old was watching a movie when the classmate pulled out the gun in their British Literature class and told nobody to move. After tackling the gunman, three other students also tackled the gunman while the rest of the class ran from the room.

In global news…

Pope Francis Announces New Vatican Law

On Thursday, Pope Francis announced a groundbreaking Vatican law mandating that priests and nuns report sexual abuse and/or cover up to Church authorities. The law requires diocese to ensure confidentiality for the whistleblower and outline investigation procedures for bishops, cardinals, etc. This law is the latest effort to increase transparency within the Church.

In technology…

Child Advocates Push FTC to Investigate Alexa

Child advocates are saying that Alexa’s baby sister the Echo Dot is recording and storing children’s conversations and therefore possibly violating child privacy laws. Several advocacy organizations have filed a complaint asking the FTC to investigate the product.

Trending today…

Baby Archie

College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Baby Sussex

Last but not least…

All-NBA First Team

As the NBA Playoffs score on, superstars continue to impress while other players step up at the right moments. But, regular season credit must be given to the best at their respective positions. Deciding the All-NBA teams should focus on statistics, but also on team importance and value, asking the question: where would this team be without this player? Here are the five players most deserving of All-NBA First Team. Read more in Adam Shay’s report for CMN.

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College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Baby Sussex

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