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Thursday Scoop: Black Hole

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College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Black Hole
Take a look at the first image of a black hole. (image: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

The big story…

First Ever Photo of a Black Hole Taken

Scientists used a global network of telescopes in April 2017 to capture the first-ever image of a supermassive black hole and its shadow at the center of a galaxy named Messier 87 or M87. CNN reports, “This is the first direct visual evidence that black holes exist, the researchers said. In the image, a central dark region is encapsulated by a ring of light that looks brighter on one side.” The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration (EHT) is the name of the global network that worked for over a decade to capture the black hole picture. The network of more than 200 researchers was named for the light area around a black hole that is the point of no return – the area where no light or radiation can escape.

In global news…

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested

On Thursday, London Police arrested WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy where he had been claiming asylum since 2012. The president of Ecuador Lenin Moreno announced in a video that the Ecuadorian government withdrew Assange’s asylum for unnamed repeated violations. Assange’s arrest comes a day after WikiLeaks published a claim saying that the Ecuadorian government was spying on Assange within the embassy. Not familiar with Assange or WikiLeaks? Start here.

In global politics…

May Approaches Parliament with New Brexit Extension

Also across the pond, British PM Theresa May is still grappling with the Brexit deadline. The EU has agreed to extend the Brexit deadline until Oct. 31, giving the U.K. a few more months to work out a deal. The date, which was previously set for this Friday, is six months down the road, but the agreement stipulates that if the U.K. has a deal then they can leave sooner. This was a big point for May, who still believes that Brexit should happen as soon as possible. 

In weather…

Bomb Cyclone Hits the Midwest

The center of the country is currently experiencing the wrath of winter storm Wesley, as snow accumulates, power goes down, and air travel is disrupted. Many states are not just concerned about the current snow and ice conditions but about the aftermath of the “bomb cyclone” which could lead to severe flooding.

In sports…

What an NBA Day: 4-9-19

From heartfelt moments and historical accomplishments, to breaking news and some unfiltered drama, the NBA snapped yesterday. For all NBA fans, April 9, 2019, was one of the more unique days in the league’s history. Sportscenter, First Take, and all other NBA talk/radio shows have plenty to discuss Wednesday. Read a run down of the main events of yesterday’s escapades in Adam Shay’s report for CMN.

Trending today…

A Work of Art

College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Black Hole

Last but not least…

Writing About Music: ‘It’s Like Dancing About Architecture’

Ever heard the saying “writing about music is like dancing about architecture”? It sounds cooky, but the message is accurate: writing about music is difficult because sometimes physical language is insufficient to express the emotional language of music. Read more in Charlotte Kohlberg’s report for CMN.

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College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Black Hole

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