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Thursday Scoop: Brexit Blunders

ūüć©Plus, can someone please get Ice-T a bagel.

College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Brexit Blunders

Britain’s exit from the European Union still faces resistance in the country’s leadership. (image: Wall Street Journal video)

The big story…

Draft Brexit Deal Results in Resignations

Following the announcement and discussion of a draft Brexit deal, four U.K. ministers have¬†resigned in opposition to the deal¬†just hours after Prime Minister Theresa May secured backing from her cabinet ‚ÄĒ making the next step Parliament approval. Speaking in the House of Commons, May defended the deal while noting that the government is also developing a no-exit deal should that be necessary. Amid skepticism, resistance, and resignations, the¬†British pound dropped 1%¬†and one minister has submitted a¬†letter of no confidence¬†in the PM.

In national news…

Death Toll in California Wildfires Continues Rising

The¬†death toll in the wildfires¬†ravaging the state of California has reached 59,¬†with 130 people still unaccounted for. The Camp Fire has claimed 56 of the 59 lives, 138,000 acres, and over 10,000 structures ‚ÄĒ and is only 35 percent contained. Among many who have lost their homes are several prominent musicians, including Miley Cyrus and Neil Young. Read more about it in¬†Brogan McCuen’s report¬†for CMN.

In politics…

President Trump Supports Bipartisan Criminal Justice Reform

President Trump is¬†supporting the “First Step Act,”¬†created by his son-in-law Jared Kushner and a group of bipartisan legislators. The plan will help improve rehabilitation programs and give more leniency to sentencing for nonviolent crimes, such as drug offenders.

In the newsroom…¬†

Trump Lawyers and CNN Battle in Court

President Trump’s lawyers and CNN faced off in court Wednesday over whether the president has the power to revoke reporter Jim Acosta’s White House press credential. Wednesday’s court hearing is the first since CNN filed its suit on Tuesday, and the judge overseeing the case has said he will have a decision by Thursday afternoon. The news network filed a suit against the president after White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders revoked Acosta’s access to the White House following his highly-debated exchange with Trump and a press aid during a news conference. Many news sources have shown their support for CNN and Acosta including Fox News.

In other news…

Lawyer Michael Avenatti Arrested for Alleged Domestic Abuse

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer¬†Michael Avenatti was arrested yesterday¬†on a felony domestic violence charge. Avenatti has denied the charges, saying that he will not be intimidated. The possible 2020 presidential candidate is due to appear in court on December 5th.

In religion…

Rome Halts U.S. Bishops’ Vote Amid Sex Abuse Crisis

U.S. bishops met on Monday in Baltimore to review and vote on preventative measures in light of the clergy sex abuse epidemic in the Catholic Church. However,¬†a message from the Vatican¬†halted any official action by the group as they were asked to wait¬†until after Pope Francis’¬†meeting of the bishops in February of next year.

In health…

Juul to Stop Sales of Flavored E-Cigarettes

Juul Labs is suspending the retail sale and discontinuing social media promotions for their flavored e-cigarettes. This move comes after public backlash aimed towards the company over the rise of teen vaping and the impending FDA restrictions on the product.

In music…

Vinyl Sales Are Breaking Records This Year

Record Store Day had its best year ever, with retailers selling 733,000 LPs during the week of April 20-26. Read more about how well vinyl is doing in 2018 in¬†Padideh Aghanoury’s¬†report¬†for CMN.

Trending today…

Ice-T’s Never Had a Bagel???

Will someone please get this man a bagel.

Last but not least…

NFL Panic Meter: Week 10

What’s going on in the world of football? Check it out with¬†Tom Spurling’s NFL Panic Meter¬†on CMN.

Thursday’s¬†Morning Scoop was¬†made possible by¬†Padideh Aghanoury,¬†Natalia Kolenko,¬†Tom Spurling,¬†Brogan McCuen,¬†and the CMN Staff.¬†It’s the first big snow day for some of us on the East Coast as¬†a big storm hits¬†Southern and Eastern¬†parts of the country bringing lots of precipitation and possible flooding. Stay warm CMNers!

College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Brexit Blunders

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