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Thursday Scoop: Double Jeopardy

ūüź¶Plus, how to feed two birds with one scone.

College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Double Jeopardy

The Supreme Court will be hearing a case on double jeopardy today. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

The big story…

Supreme Court to Hear Double Jeopardy Case

Like the¬†Fifth Amendment tells us, nobody in the U.S. can be tried for the same crime twice, in what is termed “double jeopardy.” However, a long-used loophole to¬†the¬†rule¬†says that¬†the same crime can be tried once in state and again in federal court. Today, the Supreme Court justices will hear¬†the case of Terance Gamble, who was convicted of¬†possessing a firearm¬†as a convicted felon and sentenced in both state and federal court, prolonging his sentence by three years.

The outcome of this case may have an impact on presidential pardon power, especially for one Paul Manafort.

In sports…

USA Gymnastics Files for Bankruptcy

USA Gymnastics has filed for bankruptcy in the wake of lawsuits surrounding the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal. Since the allegations began, hundreds of survivors have stepped forward and many USAG officials have resigned. USAG said that filing for bankruptcy will expedite a resolution for victims without changing the organizations daily operations.


Country Pays Final Respects to George H.W. Bush

Yesterday, friends, family, and politicians, including all the currently living presidents, gathered to¬†celebrate the life of the 41st President¬†of the United States, George H.W. Bush. The service, which took place at the National Cathedral,¬†included¬†eulogies from¬†former¬†Sen. Alan Simpson and the 43rd President George W. Bush ‚ÄĒ both of whom¬†included¬†several laughs and heartwarming stories.¬†Today, George H.W. Bush’s casket¬†is on a¬†funeral train¬†‚ÄĒ a presidential tradition that hasn’t¬†happened¬†in 50 years ‚ÄĒ traveling through five towns in Texas and coming to its final resting place at the presidential library in College Station, Texas.

People watching the funeral noted a distinct awkwardness amongst the current and former presidents in the first row, except when George W. Bush shared a special moment with former first lady Michelle Obama, of course.

In Wisconsin…

Republicans Push Through ‘Lame Duck’ Legislation to Limit the Power of Democratic Governor

Current GOP state senators in Wisconsin pushed through¬†last-minute legislation¬†that would limit the powers of the incoming Democratic governor and Attorney General. The¬†bill, which passed on Wednesday, gives the state legislature¬†control¬†over the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. and the power to block rulings out of the governor’s office among other things.

In¬†North Korea…

New Satellite Images Reveal North Korea Continues to Produce Nuclear Weapons

New satellite images reveal that North Korea has expanded a long-range missile base in the mountains, proving diplomatic talks with the US has done little to stop Kim Jong Un from producing nuclear weapons. While the nearby Yeongjeo-dong base has long been known by US intelligence, the images show that a new facility previously unidentified is being built just seven miles away.

At Temple University…

Marc Lamont Hill Faces More Trouble Over U.N. Speech

After a U.N. speech in which he called for the freeing of Palestine “from the river to the sea,” Dr. Marc Lamont Hill was dropped as a CNN commentator and now may face additional backlash at Temple University, where he is a professor. Read more about it in¬†Duane Paul Murphy’s report¬†for CMN.

In Cuba…

Cuban Residents to Have Access to 3G Starting Today

Today, Cuba’s population will have access to¬†3G mobile Internet¬†for the first time ever. Until now, inhabitants relied solely on wifi and hotspots to use their cell phones.

In awards shows…

Golden Globes Nominations Announced

The Golden Globes, which will be hosted by¬†Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, have announced this year’s nominations. Here are the highlights:

  • Lin Manuel Miranda in “Mary Poppins Returns” is up for Best Actor in a Motion Picture
  • Best Animated Motion Picture could go to “Incredibles 2”
  • Kristen Bell,¬†Candice Bergen,¬†Alison Brie,¬†Rachel Brosnahan, and¬†Debra Messing are all up for Best Actress in a TV Series
  • Hugh Grant and Benedict Cumberbatch could be battling it out for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series
  • ‚ÄúBarry‚ÄĚ (HBO),¬†‚ÄúThe Good Place‚ÄĚ (NBC),¬†‚ÄúKidding‚ÄĚ (Showtime),¬†‚ÄúThe Kominsky Method‚ÄĚ (Netflix), and¬†‚ÄúThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel‚ÄĚ (Amazon) are all up for Best TV Series

More nominations are still rolling in, but you can check out the full list here.

Trending today…

Bring Home the Bagels

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) tweeted a few days ago,¬†taking¬†the flower by the thorns¬†on anti-animal language ‚ÄĒ¬†while¬†providing a handy little chart.¬†Most people found this amusing, until¬†PETA’s next tweet¬†compared anti-animal language to racist, homophobic, and ableist language. They didn’t quite feed two birds with one scone there.

Last but not least…

Meet the Writers

We’re introducing all of our new writers over on our site. Check out profiles on CMN reporters¬†Lilia Owens,¬†Padideh Aghanoury, and¬†Cody Ayers.

Today’s¬†Morning Scoop was¬†made possible by¬†Padideh Aghanoury,¬†Daysia Naima Cornish,¬†Cody Ayres,¬†Tom Spurling,¬†Duane Paul Murphy,¬†Natalia Kolenko,¬†and the CMN Staff. A real-life Pink Panther diamond was¬†sold for $50 million¬†at auction ‚ÄĒ a record-breaking number for the gem. Someone better call Inspector Jacques Clouseau because this sounds like the plot of the next ‘Pink Panther’ movie.

College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Double Jeopardy

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