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Thursday Scoop: Facebook Ban

🥯Plus, would you eat a bagel the St. Louis way?

College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Facebook Ban
Facebook announced a new content policy yesterday. (image: Pexels)

The big story…

Facebook to Ban White Nationalist Content

Facebook announced yesterday a decision to ban white nationalist and separatist content from its platform. White supremacism has already been banned on Facebook for a while, but now content in “praise, support, and representation of white nationalism and separatism” will also be blocked. This decision comes almost two weeks after white supremacists opened fire on two mosques in New Zealand. Advocates hope that this policy will encourage other platforms, such as Twitter and YouTube, to follow suit.

In national news…

Shooting in Seattle Kills 2

Yesterday, a shooting and failed carjacking outside Seattle killed two people, leaving two others in critical condition. The gunman opened fire on two different car drivers and a city bus. After taking control of one of the cars, the shooter then collided with another vehicle, killing the driver. Although the identity of the perpetrator, who is also in critical condition, has not been revealed, the police believe this was a senseless crime committed only by the one suspect.

In global news…

May to Step Down as Prime Minister Following Brexit

Despite Theresa May’s incentive to resign as prime minister, there was no sign of a breakthrough during a Brexit deadlock Wednesday where UK lawmakers attempted to come up with an alternative to May’s plan. CNN reports, “Facing intense pressure from her fractured party, the British Prime Minister said she would step down if and when her Brexit deal was delivered. There was a desire for ‘a new approach, and new leadership,’ she told a meeting of Conservative lawmakers.” The day ended in chaos with lawmakers failing to agree on any new measures and undecided over setting up another day to debate.

Also in global news…

Wow Air Ceases Operations, Stranding Thousands

The Icelandic airline that famously offered $200 tickets to Iceland and parts of Western Europe, Wow Air, has ceased operations due to budgeting issues. All flights ave been cancelled, leaving thousands of passengers without transportation. Some airlines will be offering “rescue fares,” discounted tickets for those stranded, and many travelers are waiting to see if and when they will be compensated by Wow.

Trending today…

Sliced Bagels

This “St. Louis Secret” is causing a lot of controversy.

College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Facebook Ban

Last but not least…

Harper Grae Talks Glee Project 2, Bobby Bones and New Music

Harper Grae, born Shanna Henderson, is Country Artist from Montgomery, AL. After attending Auburn University for Musical Theatre and Religious Studies, she auditioned for and got the part in Glee Project 2 and moved to LA. She recently located to Nashville, Tennessee and she is progressively winning over the hearts of all. She was added to CMT’s Artist Discovery Program, Rolling Stone Country’s Ten Artists You Need To Know and her single “Monster” recently made it to CMT’s Hot 20 countdown. However, her heart isn’t only set on music. In 2017, Harper launched Look Up Foundation that utilizes tangible literature to help children and adolescents navigate through the stages of grief. Read more in Brianna Vacca’s report for CMN.

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College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Facebook Ban

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