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Thursday Scoop: Redemption for Fallen Heroes

Plus, get your blenders out.



Welcome to the Morning Scoop for July 19, 2018. A week from now will be a heartwarming day for Americans who lost loved ones in the Korean War, but for some reason, President Trump thought it happened a month ago. It’s like he has the cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in his head telling him to do the “Time Warp.”

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First Remains from Korean War Set to be Sent Back to the U.S. 

Bringing them home with dignity. (image: Soldiers Magazine)

Since engaging in negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, an agreement has been made to send back at least 50 remains of U.S. soldiers who fought in the Korean war. According to CBS News, the Pentagon will begin flying out bodies beginning on July 27, the anniversary of the armistice which ended the ground war.

Many of these remains, which number between 50 and 200, are unidentifiable, will be sent to a forensics lab in Hawaii to be further examined and named. President Trump told CBS that it is unclear whether the remains are actually American, stating, “they don’t even know if they are remains.”

The plan to start flying remains out varies greatly from President Trump’s statement on June 20: “We got back our great fallen heroes, the remains sent back today, already 200 got sent back.”

Zuckerberg Defends Holocaust Deniers on Facebook

In an interview with Recode published yesterday, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared that while he finds Holocaust denial incredibly offensive as a Jewish person, he will defend deniers’ rights to “say whatever they want, even if things can be bad.”

Zuckerberg elaborated that he “doesn’t believe that our platform should take that down, because I think there are things that different people get wrong. I don’t think that they’re intentionally getting it wrong.”

Upon publication, Zuckerberg faced backlash, and immediately issued a statement with Recode clarifying his position. He stated: “I personally find Holocaust denial deeply offensive, and I absolutely didn’t intend to defend the intent of people who deny that. Our goal with fake news is not to prevent anyone from saying something untrue…And of course if a post crossed line into advocating for violence or hate against a particular group, it would be removed.”

Pussy Riot Members Arrested, and Release a New Song, ‘Track About Good Cop’

After making headlines for their protest at the World Cup, Pussy Riot is currently continuing the fight to free their members from jail. They have been charged with “violation of spectators rights” and the illegal donning of law enforcement uniforms. They are also banned from sports events for the next three years. The group was denied a lawyer upon arrest and detainment and is still being denied the assistance of counsel.

Upon the detainment and arrest of their members, Pussy Riot also released a new single to follow up their protest, called “Track About Good Cop.” The video (which contains photosensitive triggers for conditions like epilepsy) displays a utopia with police dancing to euro-pop and electro-punk inspired beats and describes a world where they are not working for the Russian government, but for the citizens and people.

To read more from Emily Harrington about their fighting anthem.

Today in a Tweet: #NationalDaquiriDay

Rum, check. Frozen fruit, check. Lime, check. Ability to drink first thing in the morning? Maybe not. 

Last But Not Least: Trump Is Changing the Colors of Air Force One

Last week, President Trump indicated that he intends to change the signature light blue color scheme of Air Force One, which has been in place since the early 1960’s. The robin egg’s blue was a classic color choice of First Lady Jackie Kennedy, which the president would prefer less than an all-American selection: red, white and blue.

According to CBS, the new Air Force One planes have been described by Trump as “top of the line.” The president reported, “Air Force One is going to be incredible…and it’s going to be red, white and blue. Which I think is appropriate.”

Read more from Senior Editor Carla Loebenstein here. 

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