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Apple CEO Tim Cook Returns to Alma Mater as a Keynote Speaker at Commencement Ceremony

Congratulations to Duke University’s 2018 graduating class!

Apple CEO Tim Cook returned to his alma mater, Duke University, as a keynote speaker at the university’s commencement ceremony Sunday, where he addressed a spectrum of divisive political issues.

Just before he delivered his speech, Cook tweeted a photograph of himself, with his peers, at his college graduation ceremony nearly thirty years ago .

In his delivery of the university’s keynote address, Cook congratulated the university’s graduating seniors, advising them to “look back over you shoulder fondly and say goodbye to act one of your life and then quickly look forward. Act two begins today. It’s your turn to reach out and take the baton.”

Cook urged his audience that as they proceed into a time where the world has become vastly divided over differing opinions, they had to first challenge the conventions of status quos and “find your fearlessness,” if they wanted to make an impact in the society. He lauded the tenacity of advocates leading the #Metoo and immigration rights movements as well as the Parkland student gun control activists, citing them as examples to follow by.

“Fearless, like the students of Parkland, Florida, who refused to be silent about the epidemic of gun violence and have rallied millions to their cause. Fearless like the women who say ‘me too’ and ‘Time’s Up,” Cook prompted. “Women who cast light into dark places and move us to a more just and equal future. Fearless like those who fight for the rights of immigrants, who understand that our only hope for the future is one that embraces all who want to contribute.”

Cook also took the opportunity to throw subtle innuendoes criticizing Apple’s competitors Google and Facebook privacy policies , which are collected as data for ad campaigns, emphasizing upon Apple’s commitment to ensuring their clientele’s privacy.

“We choose a different path, collecting as little of your data as possible,” asserted Cook, “being thoughtful and respectful when it’s in our care because we know it belongs to you.”

As the commencement activities came to an end, Cook returned to Twitter to reiterate his congratulations to Duke’s new graduates.


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