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Track Review: Brian Ellis’ ‘Bulletproof’

Bringing a classic sound to the current times.

Funk and soul are two words not mentioned enough when talking about today’s music, but Brian Ellis’ “Bulletproof,” will soon be changing that conversation.

This track from Ellis’ 2019 release Deep Clues does a more than excellent job of bringing a classic sound to the current times. “Bulletproof” is very reminiscent of the funk and soul our parents grew up on during the 1970’s, which is almost non-existent today. This tantalizing work of art has a strong sensual vibe, brought to life by Ellis’ smoky vocals. Although that side of Ellis’ vocal style is a work of art in this respect, he doesn’t use this tone until more than halfway through the track. The beginning of “Bulletproof” is the best part; the sound of the instruments created a psychedelic escapade in my mind, leaving me completely satisfied.

At the start of this three minute and three second rendezvous between my ears and the music, my blood began to rush from the piercing strums of the guitar and vivacious beat of the drums. It’s almost as if I was in a trance with this colorful display of music. From the intoxicating groove of the beat, I then became engulfed in a world created by Ellis’. I envisioned myself flipping between two parallels of a sensual late night hangout. The first a 1970’s nightspot dancing with the most exotic, rhythmatic woman on Earth. I imagined we danced so slow and beautifully as Ellis’ lyric “Baby, don’t shoot” plays aloud. The other, a 2019 hangout spot with herbal scents and chill vibes creating the perfect ambience of soul and funk. By the end of the three minutes and three seconds, I was fiending for another listen. Ellis’ “Bulletproof” is truly a timeless piece of art that is unharmed by the bullets of time.

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