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Track Review: Ex Hex ‘Cosmic Cave’

An intense experimentation that results in a perfect example of what art rock and retromania should be.

The all-girl rock-pop trio Ex Hex is set to release their second studio album It’s Real, on March 22, 2019. Cosmic Cave” was released as the first single from the LP and it’s the perfect example of what art rock and retromania should be. It’s easy to see why Ex Hex is known in America as one of the best authentic guitar bands. 

Through the fast-paced drumming from Laura Harris, echoed vocals of singer Betsy Wright, and melodic rips of the guitar provided by Mary Timony, the instant visual image is one of a surfing montage from a 90’s movie.

Ex Hex wanted to make this album three dimensional and immersive. They wanted to take this album and experiment with sounds they could get out of their different instruments, pedals, and amps. It’s hard to classify them as solely a punk or rock band as they have elements of pop, grunge, and garage all within the same song. Cosmic Cave sounds like a song delivered straight from outer space with a surprisingly fresh retro twist. This song delivers the perfect elements to get any listener to bob their head and progressively move more as the chorus begins.  

For fans of all alternative and experimental sounds that rock can be known to deliver. Cosmic Cave is the song you’ve been looking for. The chorus is full of “whoa-oh-ohs” to sing along to and the intensity of the beat is almost impossible not to dance to. Ex Hex has been praised for their energy in each song and it’s clear to see why they have such critical acclaim. Through their use of studio experimentation and interest in pushing the expected sounds of the genre. It’s Real is an album that should be played at maximum volume. 

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