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Track Review: ‘Floating Continent’ by Nature’s Neighbor

An evolution in the band’s sound.

“Floating Continent” is a cut above Nature’s Neighbor’s previous work. Starting with a cacophony of sounds, the song shows off what Nature’s Neighbor’s pianist/songwriter and lead vocalist, Mike Walker, claims to be different from what has previously been their sound. According to the group’s page,, “This album is a new mixture of musicians and so the resulting sound is really quite different than anything we’ve put out previously.”

All of Chicago’s own Nature’s Neighbor’s 11 previous releases  have distinct sounds throughout, but one constant is the melodic acoustic guitar intro that leads into vocalist Walker. His vocals then kick in after, in full force.

From Nature’s Neighbor upcoming Feb 9th release of their 12th album UR, “Floating Continent” uses a variety of new instruments to refresh their original sound without reconstructing it in its entirety. The different instruments incorporated throughout the track are piano and percussion, intertwined with flute. It definitely sounds different from their previous sound of acoustic guitar, bringing an apparent evolution and new mixture of sound to the forefront. 

The short song, just under three minutes, delivers a delightfully relaxing, unwinding, and decompressing, lounge feel.

Walker’s voice is a haunting counterpoint to the complex and rich instrumental setting. The depth of sounds pairs well with Walker’s existential lyrics of loss and wonder: “Will they remember this 20 years after apocalypse? Would it even exist? Or would my message be lost or missed?”

The lyrics read off like a beautiful, oceanic poem, like a small “fish” in an expansive sea of musical notes.

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