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Track Review: Jessica Reedy ‘Can’t Hold Me Back’

Reedy is strong, resilient, and a survivor.

It has been a long, emotional journey for Jessica Reedy and after a five year hiatus, she is back with her latest single, “Can’t Hold Me Back.” This time around, the Michigan native — best known for songs “Put It On The Altar” and “Better” — is speaking her truth, walking in faith, and trusting God.

Reedy writes this track and as the song starts, there is an authenticity that pours out of the lyrics. She sings, “Satan you tried to spread your lies/Thought your lies would stop my rise/But your lies couldn’t hold me back/You threw a lot of dirt/Hoping that would stop my work/But your dirt couldn’t hold me back”

College Media Network Track Review: Jessica Reedy ‘Can’t Hold Me Back’

The 30-year old singer gets up close and personal with this record talking about her career, relationships, family, and so much more. Reedy’s powerful, but sensational voice drips with sincerity.

Her incredible vocal runs touch something from within my soul, that I just cannot explain. Reedy is always inspiring people through her music by sharing her experiences, remaining hopeful, and keeping God in the center. These precious moments remind people of their purpose and why they are here on this earth.

I have been a fan of Reedy ever since she rose to fame on the second season of BET’s competition Sunday Best in 2009. After finishing as runner-up, she released two incredible albums From The Heart and Transparent, which solidified her place in the music industry.

Her newest single is a true testament of how she did not allow the obstacles to deter her from achieving her dreams. Despite everything Reedy has been through, she keeps preserving. What makes Reedy’s return so significant is that she has not only spreading a positive message, but telling her extraordinary testimony.

Reedy knows that she is not perfect, and is not afraid to admit it. She continues to embrace her flaws, love herself, and strengthen her relationship with God. Reedy is strong, resilient, and a survivor. This track teaches people a valuable lesson that no matter how difficult life becomes, you have to keep going.

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