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Track Review: Juice WRLD ‘Hear Me Calling’

We should thank the girl that put him through all this pain.

From the latest album by Juice WRLD, Death Race for Love, “Hear Me Calling” stand out. During Juice WRLD’s rise to fame, he has been able to adopt a sound that is uniquely his and taking other popular styles and spinning his own dark twist to it. Whether this is an upbeat sad song, scream-o feature or monster freestyle, he’s always able to bring his own style to any creation.

“Hear Me Calling” is following Juice WRLD’s typical melancholic “emo” style with an up-tempo, island-influenced beat. This vibe that he’s trying works extremely well for him and should lead to an exciting range of styles.

Like most of his songs, he is reflecting about a past heartbreak, but if he continues to pump out songs like this, we should thank the girl that put him through all this pain.  

In the first verse of the song, he references his breakout single “Lucid Dreams” by saying, “he don’t know, let me know, let me in your heart don’t you dare forget me.” On “Lucid Dreams,” he says, “you found another one, but I am the better one but I won’t let you forget me.” In both of these songs, he doesn’t want this significant person in his life to forget his presence and the memories that they shared together. Now that he’s famous, he won’t let this person ever forget him.    

The cover art that’s used for this album is incredibly nostalgic. The artwork mirrors a retro Playstation video game, a topic that has been a favorite of his. Like in the song “Wasted” with Lil Uzi Vert, Juice WRLD references the video game Grand Theft Auto saying, “wasted, GTA love, bitch is wasted.”    

He has an incredible ability to display raw emotions and connect to millions of people through his singing and rapping talent. It’s safe to say that Juice WRLD has another hit he can add to his belt.   

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