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Track Review : Lizzy Mercier Descloux ‘Decryptated’

A refreshing instrumental journey.

“Decryptated,” being such a short song, passed through my mind quickly on first listen. I listened to it multiple times, replaying the track, listening to the melody trying to catch as much as a could, but it kept seeming to end too early for me to make anything out of it.

There are no lyrics to this track but it was nice feeling the rhythm and being one with just the sound.

This track really reminded me of background music in movies. I closed my eyes and listened to the track and painted an image for myself trying to imagine what scene would be occurring. The song carries different tones of guitar and bass strings that interchange with a slight twang, while the hi-hats and drums keep the rhythm.

The song starts fast-paced and goes through ups and downs and ends quite abruptly, it reminded me of someone in high-school or college rushing to get ready in the morning and heading to class.

I don’t tend to listen to many songs without lyrics, but in this millennial and generation Z era, teens and kids nowadays aren’t exposed to this kind of music. I think the only time I listen to non-lyrical music is in an elevator or when I specifically choose through Spotify playlists “Songs to do Homework.”

“Decryptated” gets more interactive rather than just being simply background noise.

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