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Track Review: ‘Love For Me’ by Empress Of

Taking layering to a new level.

Editor’s Note: As part of CMN’s ongoing music journalism program, we asked our team of music writers to review one fresh track from a new album that is being released in October. 

“Love For Me” by Empress Of brings a feeling of something new.

The layered vocals and wide variety of technologically produced instruments works on a morning walk or right before bed. Built on an arpeggiated xylophone-ish instrumental lick, vocals flick in and out at the beginning of the song — almost as if a clock is ticking back and forth with notes assigned to with each tick.

While “Love For Me” is catchy and contains a structure that is a lot like other pop songs, the repeating lyrics are a reminder of the song’s message: “I want to know if you got love for me.”

It’s relate-able: a common situation that many will go through during their lifetime… and sometimes more than once.

Empress Of — the moniker of L.A. based musician and composer Lorely Rodriguez — weaves unique beats and intricately structured harmonies that specifically shows off her vocal range, with tones beginning high and then going low, and a message carried by a genuinely honest tone.

There is an evident sense of layering through the different vocal samples and various beats. The instrumental breaks dramatic.

Fans of Empress Of may particularly enjoy this song because of its relatable message and unforgettable chorus. “Love For Me” is definitely one to add to your latest playlist and undeniably worth the listen.

Although you may not be able to get it out of your head after listening, it won’t haunt your mind the way some earworms do. The track comes from the second Empress Of album, Us, which drops today.

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