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Track Review: Michael Bruner’s Don’t Mean Broken

This acoustic track is musically sound, but doesn’t quite emotionally hit.

College Media Network Track Review: Michael Bruner's Don't Mean Broken

I’ve got another track review for you today, this time it’s Michael Bruner’s “Don’t Mean Broken”. Michael Bruner is from Bloomington, Indiana, playing guitar and handling vocals on this single. Marco Messina handles bass, while Tato Bolognini drums away.

Bruner says the single “speaks to those who may lose direction in the co-dependence of others.” He lost contact with a friend in an unhealthy relationship, and hopes his song is heard by those in similar circumstances. The track features a music video, and is described as “pop, RnB, and Reggae”. How’s the song?

Starting off with acoustic guitar chords and strumming, it seems like a typical acoustic pop song at first. Around 40 seconds in, a reggae beat joins in, and stays within that area for awhile. Just when I thought I had the song figured out, it throws me for a loop with the inclusion of some kind of Asian-esque flute. As it’s not listed in the credits, I suspect it’s synthesized. Still, it’s a welcome switch-up. There’s also an extremely short guitar solo, which I thought could have been lengthened.

Bruner’s “Don’t Mean Broken” is a perfectly fine song, I just don’t feel very many strong opinions about it. Lyrically and instrumentally, everything matches up, and is something most people will enjoy, but is a bit on the tame side for my tastes.

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