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Track Review: Pool Kids – ‘$5 Subtweet’

Diving into a new age of confrontation.

In the modern times, face to face confrontation has become less common, leaving the internet as the most likely place to hash out differences. Sub tweeting has become a common way of letting someone know how you feel about them. The post is left untagged, but made clear to the person being targeted.

“$5 subtweet” by Pool Kids, gives you a decent perspective of a sub tweet from the receiving end.  Lead singer Christine Goodwyne shares her emotions, baffled by the child like acts of the sub tweeter. “God I hope you look back on this and laugh half as hard as I am now / it used to get to me but I’m passed that now” Goodwyne sings.

The tracks starts off with a upbeat punk vibe. Goodwyne makes it clear she is upset, belting out her feelings. she seems anxious, ready to fire back with a tweet of her own. She continues later in the track singing, “I’d jump right in but 140 characters isn’t enough to say what I think.”

After letting out her emotions, the track slows down to a soothing classic rock type sound. Goodwyne comes to the realization of no matter what she says, subtweets will always get under her skin. She describes the words used in the tweet “and they’ll get you what you want, every time” .

If you’re a fan of alternative, this is the track for you. The song explores two different types of moods, taking you on an interesting rollercoaster ride. Being an avid user of twitter might help relate to the track. I wouldn’t recommend this song by Pool Kids to anyone, it takes a certain listener to enjoy this track. Not one of my favorites, but it was a good listen.

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