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Track Review: Stef Chura ‘Sweet Sweet Midnight’

A track that deserves to be a part of the best songs of 2019 discussion.

Stef Chura is as organic as they come.

The indie guitarist and singer’s “Sweet Sweet Midnight” is a peaceful alternative rock dream. It’s the female answer to the late 2000s male dominated garage rock scene, such as the Strokes and Jack White.

With acts like Sharon Van and Meg Myers paving the way for a new female-led rock rebirth, it looks like Chura will have no problem breaking mainstream alternative rock radio.

“Sweet Sweet Midnight” sounds like it was recorded in a basement bedroom. That is how raw this track sounds and that is refreshing in this current realm of manufactured pop music.

Chura sings, “Sweet sweet midnight/Everything you wanted/No, everything you called for/I, I wanna see you breathe in.” The song possibly depicts a relationship on the mend after a break up with help from Will Toledo from indie rock act Car Seat Headrest, who produced Midnight, the album on which this track appears.

Chura is one of the newcomers I want to adore, but hope that the pressure to create a radio hit doesn’t get to her before she records her next effort. Her unrefined voice is something that was screaming out of a mother’s womb. There is something so simplistic and natural about her it.

Chura deserves to be a part of the best songs of 2019 discussion. The more attention she receives from the indie rock scene, the faster she will catapult onto modern rock radio.

If she continues to churn out organic tunes and lyrics, she will have a great future ahead of her. But really, no pressure.

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