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Track Review: Telekinesis ‘Set a Course’

A calming, then surprising, indie track.

Telekinesis is a one-man-band by Michael Benjamin Lerner. I automatically assume that anybody with three names is indie.

I was completely right in this case: Telekinesis is very indie rock.

Lerner plays all of the instruments himself and mainly uses a synthesizer or drum machine to create. His versatility is showcased on his newest single “Set a Course” which will be on his new album Effluxion, set to be released February 22nd.

Effluxion is the Latin term for “to flow” which I think is a great title for an album. Music is supposed to flow and the best albums are those in which one track flows into another.

The song starts and ends with a slow strumming guitar and Lerner singing calmly, almost like a lullaby. About halfway through, heavier drums, guitar, and even a little maraca come into play. If you’re listening to the song too loud it may startle you a bit.

This track fits perfectly into the Effluxion album title. The guitar in the beginning slowly leads into the starting verse, which leads into the punching drums and bassline, then slowly easing back into the same verse from the beginning.

Telekinesis current most popular song on Spotify with 1,163,096 plays, “Falling (In Dreams)” features a powerful synthesizer beat. “Set a Course” is a bit of a different approach, where Lerner showcases his talents by playing the guitar and drums for the track.

If each of the other tracks on Effluxion flow the same way as “Set a Course” it will be an album to watch for, for sure.

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