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Track Review: ‘That’s When I Feel It’ by Richard Ashcroft

An uplifting track from the former leader of The Verve.

Editor’s Note: As part of CMN’s ongoing music journalism program, we asked our team of music writers to review one fresh track from a new album that is being released in October. 

“Music in motion/ with the melody growing.” All smiles, from start to finish. Such an uplifting tune from Richard Ashcroft.

“That’s when I feel it/ when the rhythm hits” former Verve frontman Ashcroft sings and this lyric makes it clear he feels happiness when he’s singing, or when there’s a song playing. Ashcroft wants us to feel happiness, and to feel better about our day even in the darkest of hours.

You can’t ignore when the spirit is moving, and the song grows onto you. Love of the song and devotion to singing it. You’ll feel the rhythm. This song will certainly make your day better and become a gentle reminder of how music helps us all have something in common.

“That’s When I Feel It” is from Ashcroft’s latest record, Natural Rebel, which was released October 19. The record is the fifth solo effort since Ashcroft left The Verve.

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