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Track Review: VERIDIA ‘I Won’t Stay Down’

An upbeat track that showcases lead singer Deena Jakoub.

Much of the alternative music world – especially alternative rock –  seems to be mainly dominated by men. VERIDIA has taken steps to break that glass ceiling on the alternative rock world.

The band released “I Won’t Stay Down” in September of 2018 and the title says it all. Their previous album The Beast You Feed focused a lot on being lonely and depressed. The band turns it around on “I Won’t Stay Down” by making a more upbeat track that shows lead singer Deena Jakoub is ready to get back on her feet and show everybody what she’s made of.

Being a Nashville-based band where there is predominately country music, I didn’t expect such a powerful female singer and intense rock vibes from the band. I get some Paramore from the band as well.

The band has made a statement in country-dominated city, demonstrating that a female can be a lead singer in a rock band – and completely kill it. The band has had a US Billboard #1 song and has worked with a producer who has also worked with Panic! At The Disco.

VERIDIA has surpassed many boundaries, being a rock band in Nashville and having a female lead singer hasn’t stopped them at all.

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