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Track Review: William Tyler ‘Not In Our Stars’

An evocative teaser from the guitarist’s upcoming release.

William Tyler stays true to his humble and simplistic style on “Not In Our Stars” from his album, Goes West, scheduled to be released in January.

Tyler uses an acoustic guitar to bring a raw and authentic element to the song. Because Tyler focuses on one instrument, the sound is much clearer and more precise.

While Tyler’s vocals and the acoustic guitar are central to the album, other musicians including Meg Duffy (guitar), Bill Frisell (guitar), Brad Cook (bass and producer), James Wallace (keyboard), Griffin Goldsmith (drums), and Tucker Martin (engineer) are also featured. These talented musicians elevate the album and compliment Tyler’s sound beautifully.

Upon first listen, the gentle strings of his guitar and the low roll of the drum beat had me curled up on the couch with my shoulders sinking back into the cushions and my eyes slowly closing.

“Not In Our Stars” exudes safety and warmth. It’s transporting: a rural scene with a warm setting sun on my face and a soft wind in my hair feels palpable when listening to it.

This may not be the track to belt in the car with your friends, but it is beautiful from start to finish. Perfect for a night in or a slow and lazy morning.

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