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Trump Ignores G7 Efforts

Trump is back making enemies where there should and has been friends.

Trump is back making enemies where there should and has been friends.

During this past week, the G7 had a summit, which Trump attended. Trump left early and as he flew to his meeting with North Korea’s dictator, he had some tweets to get out about the summit and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

It seems that Trump was not a fan of some of the things Trudeau at to say at a press conference. Trudeau said that he and his country would not be pushed around.

Trump responded by saying that Trudeau was being fake becuase at the conference he as shy and quiet but during the press conference, he was a different person. Trudeau and his people responded by saying that Trudeau never changed his tune.

Other members of the summit expressed that before Trump took to Twitter for his rants, they believed the summit was a success. Now they think otherwise. A French presidency official said they stood by the summit and anyone who backed down looked “inconsistent and incoherent.”

Trump announced he was going to be putting tariffs on certain goods from China, Mexico, and the European Union. The other members of the G7 have said if he does do that they will respond in kind. China had the same response when Trump announced the tariffs he planned against them.

These hostilities can be dangerous because it could start a trade war.


Editor’s Note: This story will be updated as it develops. 

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