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Tuesday Morning Scoop: Cavs-Dubs 4

Plus, the off-again, on-again North Korean summit looks on again

Welcome to the Morning Scoop for May 29, 2018. Summer has unofficially begun, so naturally, we’re thinking about… basketball?  You should be thinking about sending this link to one friend, so they can get the Morning Scoop in their inbox every weekday

Not a Rerun: Get Ready for Cavs-Warriors 4

College Media Network Tuesday Morning Scoop: Cavs-Dubs 4

Seeing Quadruple: Dubs and Cavs will meet again (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Let’s take a moment to celebrate basketball excellence: The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors will meet for the fourth consecutive year in the NBA Finals, after each team won a game seven on the road over the weekend.

Given how difficult it is to reach one professional sports championship series, it’s pretty incredible that these teams have both done it four years in a row. The Cavaliers left the Boston Celtics in their wake, while the Warriors defeated Houston last night.

Even more amazing than Cavs-Warriors round four? LeBron James will be appearing in the NBA Finals for the eighth consecutive year. Eighth.

North Korea Summit Not Dead Yet

Increasing presidential pressure is spurring talks between American and North Korean counterparts two weeks before talks were set to happen between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

CNN reports, “Officials described a high-stakes scramble, with an uncertain ending, as Trump presses his advisers to move ahead with the goal of meeting on June 12, despite concerns among top national security staff there isn’t enough time to prepare. The president has publicly discarded those worries and sent signals he is intent on carrying out the talks he himself canceled only four days ago.”

Reports this morning indicate Kim Young Chol, the Vice Chairman of North Korea, will be in the U.S. today to work on additional summit details. 

8,000 Starbucks Locations to Close This Afternoon for Anti-Bias Training

If you usually head to Starbucks for an afternoon cold brew, you may need to make alternate plans today, as the coffee mega-giant will close  this afternoon to educate their workers on racial sensitivity and inclusivity. The move follows the controversial arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia location

President Howard Schultz will appear in a video addressed to employees, as well as rapper Common. While some critics say the training is simply a PR move from Starbucks, others, including NAACP leaders, are praising the company for taking the first step in what they say needs to be a long-term effort to change its culture.

Today in a Tweet

Becca, Bachelorette, Season Premiere…

College Media Network Tuesday Morning Scoop: Cavs-Dubs 4

Last But Not Least: #WhereAreTheChildren

A matter that has been of great concern to officials since late April surfaced again over the holiday weekend, partly because of a highly-criticized tweet sent by Ivanka Trump. On April 26, a Health and Human Services (HHS) official disclosed to a Senate subcommittee that his agency had lost track of about 1,500 migrant children that it placed with sponsors.

The concern with the missing children is that they will end up with human traffickers. CMN’s Maham Khan has all the details on this heartbreaking story. 


This Tuesday Morning Scoop was compiled from contributions by Natalia KolenkoMaham KhanHannah Demissie and the CMN Staff. The pools opened over the weekend, so it’s summer now, right?   

College Media Network Tuesday Morning Scoop: Cavs-Dubs 4

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