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UCLA Employees Injured in the Midst of Union Strike Protest

UC employees on a #strikeforequality



On the first day of a planned three-day UC-wide union strike, tens of thousands of disgruntled employees walked off their jobs as they marched in solidarity to demand better wages and working conditions.

The three-day strike was organized by the University of California’s largest employee union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299, as a response to the failed negotiations between the union and the University last year.

According to LA Times, the University has refused to compromise with the union’s stipulations for annual wage increases and continued full pensions upon retirement. UC spokeswoman Claire Doan asserted in an email to LA Times Monday that “the only thing union leaders accomplished today is hurt the care we provide our patients and the services for our students.”

At UCLA, hundreds of employees convened together on campus Monday, attired in green union shirts with the slogan “We run UC” inscribed in bold yellow letters, in a show of unity as they carried signs that called for diversification, equal pay and respect.

The Daily Bruin reports that three UCLA workers sustained minor injuries when an alleged impatient driver collided his vehicle with several protestors as he attempted to navigate his vehicle through the crowd at an intersection on Monday. The driver was soon apprehended by the UCLA Police Department.

As of Tuesday, over 50,000 UC staff members have participated in the union strike. The University’s 10 campuses remain in operation, with classes scheduled as per usual.

Rachel is a senior at UCLA majoring in Art History

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