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Viewpoint: Cardi B and Her Instagram Platform

You go Cardi!

Cardi B has become one of the most influential figures in today’s music scene. She captures the true essence of honesty and speaking you mind, which I believe is something lacking today. People are afraid of speaking their mind because they don’t want to get in trouble or offend anyone but is that really healthy for the human race?

Let’s check out some of Cardi’s Instagram posts to prove that this woman is one of the few that says what’s on her mind without worrying about the consequences.

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This choppa come straight from Dior .

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In this post, which contains some extreme language, Cardi talks about her body (which she is very proud of and makes that known) and how she doesn’t; care what people say about it. She has admitted to a few physical enhancements over the years and never lied about it. This is controversial because people don’t believe that you should change your body if you don’t have to but there are plenty of people who do it and are not honest about it.

For example, Kylie Jenner took years to admit that she has had lip fillers, now if she was honest about it, maybe that horrific Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge wouldn’t have existed. At least when Cardi is telling her fanbase what she has done, she makes it clear to them how it actually happened, unlike Jenner’s dishonesty .

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Here Cardi is simply telling her fans that she doesn’t mind if they come up to her and ask for a hug if they see her out in public, but she doesn’t like that people just yell her name from a distance.

She is just like everyone else, she needs to grocery shop and run normal errands like everyone else in the world. Cardi is letting the world know where her boundaries are, which I believe more celebrities should do.

Just be honest and upfront about what you want and hopefully your fans will respect you enough to listen, like Cardi’s.

This post hits a nerve for a lot of people — and it should. Cardi has never been shy when it comes to posting her opinion, so of course she is going to jump right in when a topic hits close to home. She is passionate and educated (contrary to popular belief) with a side of sass so her political/news views don’t go unnoticed. She uses her notoriety to being tough issues to light in hopes of sparking conversation and creating change.

You go Cardi!

Cardi mentions that the government has been shut down for three weeks and how we need to wake up. She is educated and knows what is going on with our country, whether you believe it or not.

I am not even going to lie when I say she has even opened my eyes to a few things over the past couple of years. Another example proving that politics are important to her is a post about the 20 Democratic Party Nominees and how she has only read up on about six of them but how she planned on getting more information on that ones she didn’t know about so she was more informed.

She is promoting for her fans to become more involved in current events and where this country is headed.

Cardi B has 50 million followers on Instagram currently. She has a platform that outweighs a lot of people these days and I believe she is representing something that has been lost: Honesty and staying up on current events. Both are important but I don’t believe younger generations are being taught that way.

So Cardi is letting everyone know that she is here to stay and her HONEST opinion just like everyone else’s is important and worth telling the world.

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