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Viewpoint: God is a Woman and Her Name is Ariana Grande

Grande is the female artist this generation needed because she’s such a positive influence on other women.

Everybody has their own opinion on everything: other people’s lives, their relationships, what they do and how they do it. Even what they wear.

Being one of the recognizable names in pop culture doesn’t exclude you from this, if anything it probably makes it 1000 times worse. With almost 56 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Ariana Grande has put her name on the map, to say the least. 

Ariana has been through things harder than anything I have ever had to deal with in my life. From the Manchester concert bombing, in and out of relationships, to the death of her ex-love Mac Miller, she has a whole list of things that could prevent her from thriving in the music industry.

If anything, these events have made her succeed even more. She announced a new tour that will begin in March and will likely have new music out soon.

One of the main things the media cares about is celebrity relationships. They’re all over breakups, makeups, heartbreak and the occasional real relationship that actually last. I’ve seen this growing up being a Taylor Swift fan watching TMZ eat up all of her relationship drama.

Ariana has had her share of relationship headlines, stories and emotion. Her rocky relationship with Big Sean, the debate on why she and Mac Miller broke up, and of course the scandalous mystery as to what happened between her and ex-fiancé Pete Davidson.

Grande managed to turn all of the negativity she’s received from these relationships into something extremely positive with her song “Thank U, Next.” The catchy track broke a series of records including being the most played song in a single day on Spotify on November 3rd of last year. Instead of lingering on the sadness associated with her breakups, she made the situation better for herself by focusing on all of the good things her exes did for her, and how she’s going to grow from it.

Anybody who has been through a tough breakup can learn a big lesson from “Thank U, Next.”

She’s making it known that she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Since the release of “Thank U, Next,” Grande has released two other singles: “Imagine” and “7 Rings.” Ariana has worked with female rap icon Nicki Minaj multiple times in the past and you can see her influence in “7 Rings.” The song features some rap that hasn’t been featured on many Grande songs before. Even alluding to the fact she knows she’s unstoppable despite the stuff she’s been through with the lyric, “Been through some bad shit I should be a sad bitch / Who woulda thought it’d turn me to a savage?”

Grande is doing what every young woman should be doing: being unapologetically herself. She doesn’t need a man, somebody to hold her hand and guide her, or even a shoulder to cry on. She’s doing what she loves wholeheartedly and you can hear the passion she has for her work in every song. 

She has really shown that she can do it all, hit whistle tones that could break glass, rap, break records, and grow from the stuff she’s experienced. Grande is the female artist this generation needed because she’s such a positive influence on other women.

We all go through things in life, but Ariana Grande is living evidence that you can grow through what you go through. No matter what is thrown her way she still stays on top and shows everybody what she’s made of.

Ariana continues to stunt and shine, you know she isn’t going to stop that either. 

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