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Viewpoint: Tired of Coachella yet?

A festival filled with people you’d make fun of on Instagram all in one place.

With headliners like Childish Gambino, Tame Impala, and Ariana Grande, Coachella may be 2019’s best festival. But, don’t forget about the festival’s founder, Phillip Anschutz, who has been accused of homophobic behavior, among other vile traits.

Every year since Twitter has (ironically) become the Internet’s main news source, there has been an uproar concerning Coachella and Anschutz’s donations to anti-LGBTQ organizations and the GOP. This year is no different: 

Coachella attracts trustfund babies who don’t acknowledge their privilege, Kombucha drinking douchebags, and white girls wearing Native American headdresses and bindis — for the sake of festival fashion. It’s filled with people you’d make fun of on Instagram all in one place. What’s better than that?

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But really, would Coachella be worth attending?

The festival’s cheapest package comes out to $429. It’s a steal compared to Fyre Festival’s cheapest package at $500. Then again, Fyre Festival was a scam: Marketed as a “luxury music festival,” all the trust fund babies who wanted to one-up Coachella-goers jumped at the opportunity. But when the $4,000 that barely made a dent in their account didn’t live up to what the festival offered, (a villa on Exuma, the chance to swim with pigs, and Blink 182), Coachella was there to provide them with their next Instagram post showcasing what culture they decided to appropriate next.

If you don’t care about giving your money to a right-wing billionaire or believe boycotting Coachella is ultimately useless, there are some pretty sweet acts: Solange, Aphex Twin, RAT BOY, Blood Orange, and Playboy Carti.

If you’re broke, struggling, and wouldn’t support Coachella even if you had money, the live streams are just as good.

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