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Viewpoint: Writing About Music is Like…

Beauty, humor, reality — and differences — all play a part.

Writing about music is like dedicating yourself to demonstrate the beauty, humor, reality, and differences music has to offer us. It sounds like a fun thing to do, and it really is.

Reviewing albums, writing about some of your favorite musicians, leads to writing about artists I’ve never heard of. That’s what makes writing about music so interesting — you never know what you’re gonna get next.

Writing about music is a gateway for songs to be shared and for new musicians or genres to spread. Not everyone is going to always agree on a review, but it is a way for readers to put a band or song into a different perspective.

It’s important to remember that music is art and poetry, as well as something to take the edge off when we wanna just let go and dance to our favorite songs.

Music journalists and critics can lure your brain into a place with a music article and that’s when I know the article is going to be dope. They get deep and it is almost like seeing the words in pictures.

Writing about music can teach you so many things — like learning from your mistakes — and it makes you a better writer and eventually creates a juicy article for people to be on about.

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