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W Hotels Announce Music Label

Taking hospitality to a new level.



Hotels may not just be providing room service and a place to stay anymore.

The W Hotel chain has officially launched W Records, a music label, which has already signed artists and will be providing recording space and performance space to emerging global talent.

The brand is known for their on-property music festival series called Wake Up Call, and will now be a resource for artists selected by the record label and their partners in the music industry.

A press release claims W Records will support artists through every step of this process, including mixing their music and supporting live performances. Music will be available via streaming/digital outlets and also through the purchase of limited edition vinyl.

Anthony Ingham, Global Brand Leader of W Hotels, said in the press release that this is the next step for W Hotels — and also for music in general.

“It represents a complete 360-degree approach to our innovative music programming – one in which we support emerging talent, provide them a place to record, distribute their music and act as a live venue. We’ve accomplished each of these tasks in increments before, but now we can do it all.”

The brand has set up a series of recording studios — dubbed W Sound Suites — which are located in Hollywood, Barcelona, Bali and Seattle. The artists chosen to work in these spaces will be recording an original song as well as a cover and then filming a music video to accompany the exclusive track being released.

W Hotels, part of Marriott International, Inc., believe they are the ideal brand to collaborate with music artists because of their connections and relationships with music-industry partners. Artists will immediately be exposed to a large audience and overseen by the marketing agency Giant Step.

The first W artist is songwriter and producer Amber Mark. Mark has released her first cover with W Records of “High On Your Love” by Kings Go Forth. This is the first exclusive release from W Records. An Oct. 10 performance at W New York-Times Square served as a W Records kick off.

W has announced that all proceeds that come from streaming releases will be donated to a charity of the artist’s choice and Mark chose The Rose, a charity focused on breast health care. The issue is very important to Marks after her mother, Mia, passed away from breast cancer in 2013.

While the idea of a hotel brand starting a record label seems unusual, W has emphasized the organic development of the project, and the artists involved so far are receiving much attention and help from the brand.

This just may the start of a trend.

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Alessandra is a music journalist originally from the New York area, who loves to speak and write about music of all different genres. The world of sound is filled with endless possibilities and experiences that both fans and musicians should recognize.

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