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Wake Forest University Shuts Down Fraternity After Multiple Conduct Violations

Another fraternity joins the suspension list.

Wake Forest University has decided to close its chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon due to their violations of the student code of conduct.

In a statement released on Monday, the university cited failure to follow the social events risk management plan, hosting an unauthorized party with a keg, and overall lack of compliance with university officials as violations.

The organization was already on deferred suspension following code of conduct violations from last year. In September, the fraternity was placed on interim suspension for hosting an unregistered house party and also went under investigation after two reports of sexual assault were received by university police.

According to university officials, Delta Kappa Epsilon will no longer be recognized by Wake Forest University effective Monday, Oct. 15. The organization will be eligible to reapply for recognition May 31, 2022, after a continuous four-year period of non-operation.

The organization may request an appeal from the Student Life Committee within 10 days, otherwise, the decision to shut down the chapter is final.

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