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Want to Study Faster and More Effectively? Just Swipe

Quizlet, the largest user-generated consumer learning platform in the US, adds new tools.

Mobile phones may have originally been the enemy of teachers and parents — as in, they distract students from getting homework done — however they are increasingly becoming highly effective study tools.

Quizlet’s swipe flashcards on its free iOS and Android apps are a great example. The largest user-generated consumer learning platform in the U.S., Quizlet recently announced new features designed to make studying easier and more fun as those pesky first quarter tests approach.

“With these new features, Quizlet is making studying more efficient and customizable to give students even more confidence as they prepare to ace their tests this year,” said Matthew Glotzbach, CEO of Quizlet in a recent press release. “92% of our users already say that Quizlet helps them get better grades, but we’re always trying to find new ways to help students get those consistent wins and feel successful in their learning journey.”

The goal of the new features is to help break down dense information, emphasize important material and better organize comprehensive study sets. Smart scanning and rich text content creation features are available to Quizlet Plus and Quizlet Teacher subscribers.

So parents and teachers, the next time you see a student intently staring into a smartphone screen, don’t assume they are sending text messages or checking their Instagram likes. They could very well be on their way to racking up an “A” on that upcoming test.

Get all the info about Quizlet and what they have to offer students, parents and teachers right here.

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