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Wednesday Morning Scoop: Did Kim Win?

Plus, get stoked for World Cup 2026

Welcome to the Morning Scoop for June 13, 2018. We’re kinda done with the Singapore summit (almost) but are in love with that Minnesota raccoon. And we’ve been doing some serious thinking about musical history. 

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Did Kim Outsmart Trump? 

College Media Network Wednesday Morning Scoop: Did Kim Win?

President Trump called Kim Jong-Un “a funny guy,” but who’s laughing last? (Image: NBC News Video)

The dust has settled on a historic summit between the leaders of the U.S. and North Korea, but the analysis of whether Kim Jong-Un or President Trump performed better is red hot.

Slate called the summit “a win for Kim” while the Washington Post is sure that it was “a summit without substance.” Lots of observers were talking about that weird movie trailer that the U.S. madeand the New York Times called the meeting “the Trumpiest moment yet,” while the BBC rounded up a bunch of the summit’s best quotes.

And finally, if you still haven’t gotten enough summit news (we’re pretty sure we have), the president is back at the White House this morning, and yes, he’s tweeting.

The Scorecard From Yesterday’s Primaries 

Primary elections were held in Virginia, Nevada, Maine and South Dakota Tuesday which saw women score important wins for the Democrats.

Vox reports, “Democrats nominated strong candidates for House races in Virginia, where they have a chance to pick up as many as four seats in their bid to retake the chamber, and saw their preferred candidate overwhelmingly approved in the important Nevada Senate race against vulnerable GOP incumbent Dean Heller. Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) lost his primary election after President Trump came out against him on election day.”

Democrats also secured another special election win in Wisconsin, having successfully kept Republican Gov. Scott Walker from stopping the election from happening and then coming out on top in one of Tuesday’s elections.

North America Wins Rights to Host 2026 World Cup

FIFA association members gathered in Moscow for this year’s World Cup voted to award the 2026 version of the world’s most-watched sporting event to North America this morning, choosing a joint U.S.-Mexico-Canada proposal over Morocco.

The U.S. last hosted the World Cup in 1994, while Mexico last hosted in 1986. Canada has never hosted matches. The proposal calls for 60 matches to be played in the U.S, including everything from the quarterfinals onwards, while Mexico and Canada get 10 games each.

Today in a Tweet: Raccoon Hero!

Twitter is on fire over a raccoon that scaled the 23 floors of the UBS building in St. Paul, Minnesota. You’re a hero #mprraccoon

College Media Network Wednesday Morning Scoop: Did Kim Win?

Last But Not Least: How Korean Boy Band BTS Toppled Asian Stereotypes

University of Oregon professor Susanna Lim, who studies modern Korean culture, examined how K-Pop superstars like BTS are changing many American’s perception of Korea.

As she writes in her fascinating study, “The genre’s growing popularity says as much about the talent of groups like BTS as it does about the country’s expanding role in global affairs.”

The Wednesday Morning Scoop was compiled with help from Natalia KolenkoAnna-Maria RahkonenHannah Demissie, and the CMN Staff. We’re all World Cup, all the time. 

College Media Network Wednesday Morning Scoop: Did Kim Win?

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