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Wednesday Scoop: Cohen Testimony

👕Plus, a lot of people are tidying up.

College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Cohen Testimony
Michael Cohen testifies before Congress. (image: New York Times video)

The big story…

Former Trump Lawyer Testifies Before the House Oversight Committee

Yesterday, the former personal attorney to the president, Michael Cohen, was questioned before the House Oversight Committee in a hearing that lasted almost eight hours. During this session, Cohen was asked about his relationship to Trump, whom he worked with for 10 years, the Moscow Trump Tower, Wikileaks, Stormy Daniels, and many other hot button issues that have been discussed since the 2016 presidential election. House Democrats saw Cohen as a brave witness who had finally turned his back on the president, ending years of manipulation and silence. Republicans saw Cohen as a criminal — Cohen pled guilty and was convicted of lying to Congress previously — and a disgraced lawyer — Cohen was also recently disbarred.

A lot of claims were made yesterday, not just by Cohen but also by Representatives on both sides of the aisle. Here’s what you can believe.

In food…

Budweiser Brewer Advertises Alternatives

Did you wonder why you saw so many Bud Light commercials during the Super Bowl? Well, it might be because the company that sells Budweiser and Bud Light is struggling as consumers’ tastes shift to craft beer, imports, and wine. That’s why despite being the world’s largest brewer, the company is now pushing alternative drinks, such as spiked seltzer and energy drinks.

In global news…

Trump Walks Away from Hanoi Meeting Empty Handed

President Trump walked away from the highly anticipated nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un without a deal. Although Kim seemed apparently willing to discuss denuclearization, Trump was unable to agree to lift sanctions on the country without an agreement regarding denuclearization in writing. The two leaders cut their meeting short, ending two hours early. In his press conference Trump stressed the need to get this right, not wanting to rush to a third summit unless concrete progress could be made.

In politics…

Bill Claimed To Be ‘Anti-Transgender’ Dies in South Dakota Legislature

A bill that would have kept high school students who are transgender from playing on sports teams based on the gender that they identify with died in South Dakota Legislator Wednesday. CNN reports, “With HB 1225, South Dakota lawmakers attempted to override a current policy in the state that lets students participate in sports ‘in a manner consistent with their gender identity.’ The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Lee Qualm, said its goal was to ensure students don’t try to gain an unfair competitive advantage by lying about their gender.” HB 1225 was one of four bills centered on transgender youth that was introduced and struck down by South Dakota lawmakers. However civil rights groups say they are still watching other states for similar bills that pose threats to transgender people.

Trending today…

My Strange Addiction

College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Cohen Testimony

Last but not least…

An Interview with Stevie Woodward

Stevie Woodward was ever so gracious to take the time to talk with us about her music and her input on female empowerment in the music industry. Read more in Brianna Vacca’s interview with Stevie Woodward.

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College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Cohen Testimony

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