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Wednesday Scoop: Disney Deal

🌎Plus, happy Spring Equinox!

College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Disney Deal
This story has nothing to do with Disney World; I just liked this picture. (image: Unsplash)

The big story…

Disney Makes $71 Billion Deal with Fox

Disney has bought Fox assets totaling $71 billion, including the “The Simpsons” and “Star Wars.” This acquisition will likely lead to massive layoffs but will also position the company to launch its own streaming service later this year called “Disney Plus,” in an attempt to compete with new media companies like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. By acquiring Fox, Disney Plus will now be able to stream films from five categories, including Pixar, Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, and National Geographic. 

In global news…

Cyclone in Mozambique  Likely  Possibly Killed Over 1,000

Cyclone Idai whipped through Mozambique and may have killed more than 1,000 people President Filipe Nyusi announced in a radio address. CNN reports, “‘Officially, we have a record of more than 84 dead but everything indicates that we can have a record of more than 1,000 dead,’ Nyusi said, adding that ‘100,000 people are in danger.’” The cyclone made landfall near Beira in Mozambique and passed through neighboring countries Zimbabwe and Malawi as well.

In global politics…

Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev Resigns After 30-Year Rule

Nursultan Äbishuly Nazarbayev, the 1st president of post-independent Kazakhstan in Central Asia, has resigned on March 19 after 29 years of rule throughout the country. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, who was chairman of the national parliament’s senate as well as the former prime minister, will succeed Nazarbayev as acting president for the remainder of the term that expires in 2020. Nazarbayev will now hold the formal title “Leader of the Nation.” Read more in Duane Paul Murphy’s report for CMN.

In higher education…

USC Students Involved in Bribery Scandal Blocked from Registration

Although many schools are still questioning how to deal with students whose parents were involved in one of the biggest admissions scandals of all time, the University of Southern California has already taken steps to place holds on the accounts of students implicated in the operation, blocking them from registering for classes or viewing transcripts. USC has also noted that the six applicants with ties to Operation Varsity Blues will be automatically denied admission.

Trending today…

Hazelnut’s Hat

College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Disney Deal

Last but not least…

The Unknown Music: Rita Ora ‘Phoenix’

I happened upon this album while browsing the CD collection at Super Target. Since the album did not have the artist’s name of the front, I thought at first it was a new album by the band Phoenix. After some detective work, I discovered it was by Rita Ora. After getting over my disappointment that the French rockers did not have a new release, I gave the new album a few listens without knowing anything about Ora. Read more in Curt Tagtmeier’s review for CMN.

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College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Disney Deal

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