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Wednesday Scoop: Step Down 3D

Plus, first Penn State frat member sentenced in hazing death

Welcome to the Morning Scoop for August 1, 2018. Our top stories are on 3D printed guns and the Penn State hazing trial. And we’re keeping an eye on this whole “In My Feelings” thing. 

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Release of 3D Gun Blueprints Blocked

College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Step Down 3D

Homemade and deadly. (Image: Time video screenshot)

A lawsuit brought by a gun rights group stopped blueprints for a 3D printed gun from going live on their website Tuesday, after a federal judge agreed that the information could help terrorists and criminals create weapons.

CNN reports, “Judge Robert Lasnik’s ruling didn’t order the plans to be taken down, but temporarily blocked a settlement that Defense Distributed, a Texas-based gun rights organization, and the federal government reached in June that made it legal to post 3D printable gun plans online.”

Previously, the website had advertised that it would release blueprints for several weapons on Wednesday to people who signed up for a login. Several states have sued to stop the plans from going online, and another hearing on the matter is scheduled for August 10. 

Penn State Frat Member Avoids Jail Time Over Hazing Death

The first member of a Penn State fraternity was sentenced today in connection to the death of a pledge, however, he will not face any jail time.

Centre County Judge Brian Marshall handed down three months of house arrest, 27 months of probation, a $3,000 fine and 100 hours of community service.

Fraternity member Ryan Burke had pleaded guilty to four counts of hazing and five alcohol violations after the death of Tim Piazza in February 2017, after a night of drinking and hazing in the Beta Theta Pi house. CMN Senior Correspondent Erin Whitten covered the story for us last night. 

Beyoncé is Taking Over Vogue’s September Issue

Who runs the world?… Beyoncé.

Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, has reportedly granted Beyoncé unprecedented control over the magazine’s upcoming September issue.

Traditionally, Wintour has always maintained control of the cover, from the choice of the models to the details of their outfits. Cover subjects typically have little say in their shoot and are given a preview of the cover within a week of its release date. CMN’s Tamia Heard has further details in her report. 

Today in a Tweet: 

This pretty much sums up the #WhyIJoinedTwitter hashtag that’s trending this morning…

College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Step Down 3D

Last But Not Least: CMN Debuts ‘Young, Black and Professional’

CMN’s Ojanae Marshall, a rising senior at Montclair State University, knows that entering the real world is a tough road to walk. That’s why she has launched a new series called Young, Black and Professional, which will spotlight those who have followed their dreams into the real world. 

She begins by asking her friend Jocenelle Sarah Alcime — who is about to start her first teaching job — eight questions about goals, dreams, mentors, and the the best piece of advice she has ever received.

Read this inspiring interview here. 

Wednesday’s Morning Scoop was made possible by Ojanae MarshallTamia HeardErin WhittenNatalia Kolenko, and Hailey Nagma. It’s August now, but don’t panic. Do. Not. Panic.  

College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Step Down 3D

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