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Wednesday Scoop: Strike Over

🥧Plus, happy National Pie Day!

College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Strike Over
The L.A. teachers’ strike has officially ended. (image: Unsplash)

The big story…

Los Angeles Teachers’ Take Deal Ending 6-Day Strike

Last night, the teachers of Los Angeles ended their strike after agreeing to a deal negotiated between the teachers union and the Los Angeles Unified School District. The deal includes retroactive pay raises, smaller class sizes, more hiring of nurses/librarians/counselors, the elimination of random searches, and legal assistance for immigrant families. While not every demand was met, the deal has ended the six-day strike in the country’s second-largest school district.

In national news…

Supreme Court Uphold Trans Military Ban

Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld Trump’s policy banning transgender people from the military. Although this may only be a temporary change as the legal battle continues through the lower courts, the policy will stop almost 9,000 active duty troops from completing their service.

In global news…

France and Germany Sign Friendship Treaty 

As Twitter joked about the two countries renewing their vows, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met to sign the Treaty of Franco-German Cooperation and Integration. In a divided Europe (cough, cough, Brexit), France and Germany are promising to maintain the strong relationship that was established long ago in the reconciliation of World War II.

In politics…

Pete Buttigieg to Run for President

Mayor of South Bend, Ind. Pete Buttigieg is the latest Democrat to announce his candidacy in the 2020 run for president. A Rhodes Scholar, lieutenant in the National Reserve, and the youngest mayor to serve in a city with 100,000 residents, Buttigieg’s resume is impressive. (Read about the other candidates in the race here.) 

In film…

The Oscar (And Razzie) Nominations Are In

The Oscar nominations are in with a lot of surprises and snubs. The big news? Roma and The Favourite  received 10 nominations each. And, while the Academy was celebrating the best of film, the Razzie Awards were celebrating the worst.

In tech…

George Mason University Premiers Food-Delivering Robots

George Mason University is the first college in the U.S. to have food delivery robots. The 25 ground drones provided by Starship Technologies will go on snack runs for students with the extra charge of $1.99.

In sports…

Christiano Ronaldo Found Guilty of Tax Fraud

Christiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese soccer player and the most-followed person on Instagram, pled guilty to tax fraud in Spain yesterday. Ronaldo will pay a fine of $21.6 million, ending the four-year investigation into his finances.

Also in sports…

Mariano Rivera Becomes First Baseball Player Unanimously Voted into Hall of Fame

New York Yankees closing pitcher Mariano Rivera became the first player to be unanimously voted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame Tuesday. CNN reports, “All 425 voters included Rivera on their Hall of Fame ballots. Roy Halladay, Edgar Martinez and Mike Mussina filled out the 2019 class.” Rivera is seen by many to have been the best closing pitcher of all time. He retired with the top spot on MLB’s all-time saves list with 652 saves, made 13 All-Star appearances in 19 seasons and helped, the Yankees win five World Series titles.

Trending today…

Gender Reveal Lasagna

We’re calling it. This whole gender reveal thing has gotten out of control.

Last but not least…

Album Review: ‘Ella Mai’

Mai’s 90’s style R&B influences are very prevalent throughout the album from usage of her deep vibrato to her beautifully elongated notes. Born in London, England, Mai moved to New York City, NY to attend high school returning to Britian upon graduation. During her time in NY,  Mai got first hand exposure to R&B music as this genre originated in the 1940’s U.S. jazz clubs. The fact that Mai sings in a style which originated in the U.S. and has now transcended across the pond is a testimony to how strong the album’s overall sound is. This fact paired with Mai’s strong vocal ability, in my opinion, places her way above other artists in her lane. Read more in Jackson Tyler Adams’ report for CMN.

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College Media Network Wednesday Scoop: Strike Over

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