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Thursday Scoop: Trump’s Taxes

🦖Plus, Wilma, I’m home!

College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Trump's Taxes
Democrats still want to investigate the president’s taxes. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

In politics…

House Democrat Asks IRS for Trump’s Tax Returns

Democrat Richard Neal, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, has formally requested President Trump’s tax returns from the IRS, potentially launching into battle against the administration. CNN reports, â€śIn a letter to the IRS sent Wednesday and first obtained by CNN, Neal cites a little known IRS code in his request for six years of Trump’s personal tax returns from 2013 to 2018. He also requested the tax returns of eight of Trump’s business entities, a nod to escalating pressure from liberals in the caucus who have argued that Trump’s personal returns wouldn’t sufficiently paint a picture of the President’s financial history.” Trump said late Wednesday that he feels no need to send his tax returns to Congress until he is no longer under audit.

In technology…

Toyota to Share Hybrid Vehicles Patents and Secrets for Free

Toyota announced on Wednesday, April 3 that it will offer royalty-free access to its hybrid vehicle technology patents as well as secrets until the year 2030. Japan’s largest automaker and one of the world’s most powerful car companies will permit licenses for almost 24,000 patented technologies relating to vehicle motors, power converters, and power batteries. Before this announcement, Toyota opened up its patents for hydrogen-fueled vehicles four years ago back in 2015. Read more in Duane Paul Murphy’s report for CMN.

In sports…

Happy Ken Griffey Jr. Day

30 years ago yesterday, at the age of 19 years 133 days and in his major league debut, a legend waltzed to the plate and ripped a double for his first career hit. 27 years later, after an illustrious career filled with highlights and historical accomplishments, George Kenneth “The Kid” Griffey Jr. honorably took the microphone and gave his Hall of Fame speech at Cooperstown, New York. The centerfielder received 99.3% of votes, making his acceptance rate the highest in MLB history until Mariano Rivera passed him unanimously in January 2019. Read more in Adam Shay’s report for CMN. 

Trending today…

Floating City

College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Trump's Taxes

Last but not least…

Headbanging on the Dancefloor: Bolt Thrower’s Realm of Chaos Review

Bolt Thrower is a death metal band from Coventry, England, and formed in 1986. They released their first full length, In Battle There is No Law, two years later, but it wasn’t until their second album, 1989’s Realm of Chaos, that their death metal sound solidified. This release was among several which changed the landscape of extreme metal, alongside Death’s Scream Bloody Gore and Possessed’s Seven Churches. Read more in Kevin Ashley’s review for CMN.

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College Media Network Thursday Scoop: Trump's Taxes

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