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Where to Get Tips on Preventing STDs

We got you covered.

The CDC reports that young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are the most affected by sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) and diseases (STD’s) in the U.S. That’s why myLAB Box, the at-home STD testing service, has recently released a “Back to College Guide” to educate students about the importance of safe sex and how to manage it while on campus.

The guide outlines several key topics for students:

  1. Safe sex isn’t necessarily always safe; STI’s can be transmitted orally. Awareness is the first step to staying safe.
  2. Testing for STD’s and STI’s is absolutely crucial; while many young people are shy about going  to a clinic or talking to their doctor, they can check their status by getting an at-home test.
  3. Condoms are your friend. While they may not be absolutely perfect, they are one of the best methods of defense against infection.
  4. There are other methods of protection that are very easy to obtain.

The “Back to College Guide” accompanies the myLAB Box at-home testing kit, which is being offered at a 20% discount with the code backtoschool2018. The kit arrives discreetly at your front door and takes five minutes to complete. Check it out here. 

This is an original press release from UWire. 

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