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Writing About Music is Like… Talking About Something That Inspires You

Without music writers, the industry lacks an outlet that can control quality.

Editor’s note: As part of CMN’s music journalism program, we asked our team of music writers to answer this question by filling in the blanks: Writing about music is like ____ about ____.  You can see how all the participants answered the question here

Writing about music helps ignite passion in my opinions. Inspiration can come from an album, song or artist. When I write, I learn new ideas. Music is at our fingertips because of streaming services like Soundcloud and Spotify. We have the ability to find new artists every day, finding the motivation to accomplish such a plan is the real challenge.

In an age where everyone has multiple platforms available to voice opinions (because of social media) the simple concept of the music critic is supposedly “dead.”

As a writer, I have to find a balance between my thoughts and beliefs and the opinions of others. In doing so, I hope readers are inclined to have a discussion, and bounce off other ideas and opinions.

We still need writers to facilitate that energy, because if they aren’t doing it, who is? Without music writers, the industry lacks an outlet that can control quality, which is more important than ever.

At the very least, I hope people are at least inspired by something a music writer says. Maybe it’s something as simple as finding a new genre, or trying something different stylistically.

Readers don’t have to agree with what I — or any other writer — is saying. Simply forming an opinion on a certain topic, and using it for the betterment of our community can lead to a healthy discussion.

Music is meant to heal, not hurt. Without it, life would be boring. If more people realize that, then music will always inspire.

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