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Writing About Music Is Like…

A a distinct trust and power above the rest of the noise.

Editor’s note: As part of CMN’s music journalism program, we asked our team of music writers to answer this question by filling in the blanks: Writing about music is like ____ about ____.  You can see how all the participants answered the question here. 

Writing about music is like having a conversation with yourself where you have the free reign to express all of your thoughts and share them with others. It’s the ability to take something that you’re extremely passionate about, something that’s always been in your life, and come to a conclusive decision about it.

One aspect of writing about music that I’ve always enjoyed is that it’s completely subjective. As a music writer, you have the unique ability to take songs and albums that you already enjoy listening to and express your feelings and opinions with people across the world, or the select group that actually read your work. You have the unique freedom of expression and voice where you can resonate with people and establish a following where they’ll look to your opinion and feedback on the newest music.

Music is ingrained in so many different aspects of people’s lives, and to read an article where a writer shares the same views as your own sparks a connection and unspoken relationship that’s usually quite loyal.

Writing about music has helped me connect with so many different people as we share our common interests. It’s allowed me to explore various genres and songs that I wouldn’t have necessarily listened to on my own and opened doors for future discoveries. With social media, almost everyone has an opinion on every aspect of the world. Becoming a music writer gives you a distinct trust and power above the rest of the noise where people want to read about what you have to say.

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