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Your College Goals Can Become Reality with #FutureBoards

By Lorena Roberts

The all-new book from author Sarah Centrella, #FutureBoards: Learn How to Create a Vision Board to Get Exactly the Life You Want! will help college students shape their dream future, according to a recent press release.

In the book, college students will find crucial skills and practices for creating vision boards and taking them to the next level. Students will learn how to identify what they truly desire in life, how to break through a negative mindset, and how to work hard and find the path toward achieving their dreams.

Author Sarah Centrella is also a life coach, and states that college is the ideal time for our students to begin creating their dream future life. Learning these skills, Centrella says, will only help them as they begin building careers and relationships that will last a lifetime. Her novel, #FutureBoards, teaches young people how to determine not only what they truly want and what makes them happy in all areas of their life, it shows them how to get there.

Creating a vision board is perfect for college-aged students. Using Centrella’s book can help groups of college students parse out their dreams and decorate their #futureboards with their favorite pictures, quotes, and more. Not only can it be the perfect addition to dorm room decor, but students can post their vision boards and remember their dreams and the work they’re putting into their goals every day.

The skills college students can learn from #FutureBoards are relevant inside and outside the classroom. Whether it’s working towards an “A” in their hardest class, or taking on a Minor, #FutureBoards is now available to help college students make the absolute most of their four years.

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