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Friday Morning Scoop: A Bridge Too Far

Plus, Getting tougher with Russia and Buffalo busting brackets



Student Among Six Dead In Bridge Collapse at Florida International University

Cars were crushed as they waited at a red light in Miami yesterday. (Image: Miami Herald video)

A pedestrian bridge stretching across a busy street near the campus of Florida International University (FIU) in Miami collapsed Thursday, crushing motorists who waited at a red light.

The Associated Press reported that six people died and ten were injured as a result of the collapse. The Miami Herald reported that one student from FIU was killed.

FIU was promoting the structure as an “instant” bridge, with construction techniques intended to speed up the work and minimize disruption to commuter traffic. It was not scheduled to open to students until 2019.

On Saturday, FIU held a ceremony celebrating the installation of the section that collapsed, where President Mark B. Rosenberg said “FIU is about building bridges and student safety. This project accomplishes our mission beautifully.”

Get the full story in CMN’s report. 

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U.S. Getting Tougher With Russia 

The U.S. Treasury yesterday sanctioned 19 Russian citizens and five entities for cyber attacks on America’s power grid and attempting to influence the 2016 elections.

Add those moves to President Trump’s joining with the leaders of Britain, France and Germany to directly blame Russia for a nerve agent attack on a former spy, and it’s clear relations between Washington and Moscow are entering a more confrontational phase.

Some observers think the president feels slighted by Vladimir Putin, who has been reluctant to return the goodwill Trump showed following his election. Putin showing a video with a Russian nuclear weapon hovering over what appeared to be an image of Florida probably didn’t help, either.

Today in a Tweet 

Buffalo busting brackets. 11th-seeded Loyola got in on the act too, taking down 6th seeded Miami.

Rhianna Slams Snapchat for Game Making Fun of Domestic Violence

Rhianna laid into Snapchat with an Instagram post that condemned a Snapchat game called “Would You Rather” that posed the question: would you rather slap Rhianna or punch Chris Brown?

Snapchat took the game down and issued an apology earlier this week, releasing a statement that read, in part, “The advert was reviewed and approved in error, as it violates our advertising guidelines.”

Like Kylie Jenner’s diss of Snapchat, Rhi’s statement is thought to have wiped about a billion dollars off Snap, Inc’s stock value.

Get more details on Rhi and Snap in CMN’s report.

Last But Not Least: Adidas Has Now Sold One Million Pairs of Shoes Made From Plastic Salvaged From the Ocean 

Last year, Adidas sold one million pairs of shoes made from recycled plastic from the ocean, and intends to use it in all of their products in the year 2024.

Additionally, Adidas expects to sell another five million pairs of shoes from recycled plastic this year. However, the company sells around 450 million pairs of shoes annually, so they still have a ways to go the reach their goal.

Gigi Foster has more details in her story for CMN.

This Friday Morning Scoop was compiled by Gigi Foster and the CMN Staff. Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day? Tomorrow is Saturday? 

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