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Friday Scoop: Anti-Hazing Bill

Plus, a reading recommendation!

Pennsylvania Anti-Hazing Bill Pays Tribute to Deceased Penn State Student

College Media Network Friday Scoop: Anti-Hazing Bill

The bill will become law almost a year after the death of Penn State student Tim Piazza. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

A strict anti-hazing bill in the state of Pennsylvania is expected to become law today. The bill is named after Timothy Piazza, the Penn State student who died last year as a result of a fraternity hazing ritual. The Timothy J. Piazza Anti Hazing Law stipulates that Pennsylvania schools must have defined policies, reporting procedures, and punishments in place to address hazing. There have been 77 hazing-related deaths in the U.S. since 2005. With this law, Pennsylvania will become the 45th state with an anti-hazing law but one of the few to make hazing punishable as a felony.

No News From Amazon, But Many Speculations About HQ2

Since unveiling its short list of 20 U.S. cities, Amazon hasn’t said a word about where the company will build its second headquarters. However, that hasn’t stopped people from speculating — even betting — on the much coveted HQ2 location. Right now the consensus seems to be Northern Virginia, because of the area’s proximity to Washington, D.C. and Jeff Bezos’ involvement in the area. Some people have even gone as far as to pinpoint the neighborhood, Crystal City, that Amazon should buy up (or maybe already has). But, since Amazon has yet to give us any concrete hints, it could be anywhere — what’s your bet?

President Trump Admits Foul Play in Saudi Journalist’s Disappearance

It’s been 17 days since Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance, and the world is still wondering — although it’s becoming clearer every day — what went wrong. President Trump went on the record yesterday acknowledging that Khashoggi is likely dead. The U.S. and other world powers are now putting even more pressure on Saudi Arabia, with several business leaders pulling out of the Future Investment Initiative summit set to be held there next week. Twitter has even gotten involved by shutting down spambots to prevent the spread of pro-Saudi hashtags regarding the Washington Post journalist’s disappearance.

Today in a Tweet: TGIF, am I right?
College Media Network Friday Scoop: Anti-Hazing Bill

Last But Not Least: Read ‘My Naked Truth’

Adrien Finkel’s latest work entitled “My Naked Truth” may just be the next powerful photo journal to hit the shelves. The piece combines photography and writing to create a meaningful conversation about self discovery. Finkel photographs her unclothed subjects with their truths — whether it be advice, mantras, or secrets — written on them. Interested? Read more about the book in Lindsay Wigo’s review!

Friday’s Morning Scoop was made possible by Lindsay Wigo and the CMN Staff. We’re counting down the days until Halloween — what’s your favorite part of the spooky season?

College Media Network Friday Scoop: Anti-Hazing Bill

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