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Friday Scoop: Welcome WikiLeaks

🤔Plus, KUWTK just got a little more interesting.

College Media Network Friday Scoop: Welcome WikiLeaks
Assange in 2010. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

The big story…

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange in US Custody

Since his surprise arrest yesterday by London police, Julian Assange has been in US custody and faces charges of hacking a Pentagon computer and releasing secret documents in collusion with Chelsea Manning. The WikiLeaks founder’s arrest may also shed some light on Russian intervention in the 2016 election. After seven years in exile within the Ecuadorian Embassy, Assange finally face these charges in US court. Known by some as a champion of free speech, various US celebrities came out in support of Assange following his arrest, including Pamela Anderson

In global news…

South Korea’s Constitutional Court Overturns Abortion Ban

South Korea’s Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday, April 11, that the country’s national abortion ban is unconstitutional. The court said that this ban violates the civil rights and liberties of women’s freedom to choose. The ruling mandated lawmakers in the liberal center-left majority National Assembly to modify current abortion laws and regulation by the end of next year in 2020. Read more in Duane Paul Murphy’s report for CMN.

In national news…

Ohio To Implement 6 Week Abortion Law

Meanwhile in the U.S., Ohio has just signed the “heartbeat bill” into law. Known as one of the most strict abortion bans, that has been attempted by five other states, the law prohibits abortion after six weeks, i.e., the point when a fetal heartbeat can be detected. The law will take effect in 90 days barring any interruption by a federal judge. Pro-choice advocates are resisting the law, saying that six weeks is often too early for a woman to even know that she is pregnant.

In sports…

NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference Predictions

Let the fun begin! The NBA playoff seeding is finalized and in two days, the first round of games begin. Just a quick impressive, yet sad note: this is first time since 1999-00 the playoffs will not be seeing future Hall of Fame players Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki. And of course, it is the first time in 13 years LeBron James is not in the playoffs. The NBA will miss their incredible Spring time performances.

But the games must go on and as it goes for first round match-ups in the Eastern Conference, it will be tough for any upsets. The East is top heavy with loaded teams against mediocre lower seeds, but there is a series to make the first round interesting. Read the predictions in Adam Shay’s report for CMN.

Trending today…

One Dad’s Take on Peloton Bikes

So…that’s a no?

College Media Network Friday Scoop: Welcome WikiLeaks

Last but not least…

Writing About Music is Like… Talking About Something That Inspires You

Writing about music helps ignite passion in my opinions. Inspiration can come from an album, song or artist. When I write, I learn new ideas. Music is at our fingertips because of streaming services like Soundcloud and Spotify. We have the ability to find new artists every day, finding the motivation to accomplish such a plan is the real challenge. Read more in Ryan Feyre’s report for CMN.

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College Media Network Friday Scoop: Welcome WikiLeaks

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